The ARRELIA group

Matthieu Blanc, a former clinic director, created the ARRELIA company in 2007. The name of this company comes from the word “Arrels” which means “root” in Catalan. Mr. Blanc assumes that many elderly people are completely independent and remain able to manage their habitat on a daily basis. He thinks that the concept of Senior Services Residences is perfectly suited to these active people who do not wish to go to a traditional retirement home.

He bought first, the Perpignan hotel Le Mas des Arcades and decided to make one of the parts of the hotel, a residence for seniors in Perpignan. This establishment now offers 47 apartments for the elderly, with hotel services, 24-hour reception, entertainment, catering, concierge and security. This is how the concept of Residence Services Seniors by Arrelia was born.

Group expansion

After a few years, the group grew with the Résidence Bleu Lormont in Bordeaux, then the Résidence Bleu Castillet in Perpignan. It was in 2014 that the group continued its expansion with the Résidence Cœur Comédie in Montpellier. This service residence for seniors is also adjacent to a hotel.


The ARRELIA group has joined forces with the Oc'Santé group. The latter has developed a strong experience in the health sector and medico-social establishments. For several generations, it has brought together around twenty establishments. Oc'Santé brings us its know-how and its network, supporting the life of our residences.